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Adams Works on Wishlist
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December 15, 2004 - Huntsville, AL-New Tennessee Valley Pythons coach Dick Adams has already talked to a handful of former assistants and could have his staff together after the holidays.

Adams said last week he has talked with former Tennessee Valley assistants Tracy Kendall, Marty Hammond, Ray Greene and John Kirk. He also has spoken with former Tennessee Valley player David Knott. Knott, a personal trainer, played for Adams with the Madison (Wis.) Mad Dogs in the Professional Indoor Football League.

"They're supposed to let me know if they're interested," Adams said. "That's a good nucleus of guys that have been here through winning programs and know what we're looking for and what we want to do. I'm looking for some continuity with the whole thing and that's a good spot to start. They're obviously good football coaches. If they weren't, they wouldn't have had the records they've had the last four years."

Kendall served as assistant defensive coordinator in addition to coaching the secondary last season. Hammond was assistant offensive coordinator in addition to coaching receivers. Greene has been away from the team for two years, but during his three seasons, he served as offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator. Kirk has been away from the team for two years, but served as offensive/defensive line coach during his tenure. Knott was a tremendous defensive specialist during his days with Tennessee Valley.

Adams, who has been a coordinator on both sides of the ball, said he was undecided on what role he would play. He did say he would coach special teams.

"I think I could turn either side of the ball over to them and let them go and oversee it a little bit," Adams said. "I don't think that would be any problem at all. Depending on how we go, it doesn't matter to me where I plug myself in. I think I can bring a little different perspective to the indoor game because I've had experience at it."

Adams said he had talked to three or four players from last year's team, but didn't have an idea how many players wanted to return. A lot of that, Adams said, would be based on how many would follow former Tennessee Valley coach Kevin Guy.

"There's five or six we'll take if we can get them back," he said. "I'm not going to guarantee them a spot, but it'll be their job to lose. I'm looking forward to it. I think we'll have some fun."

The Pythons will field a 25-man roster, Adams said. There will be 21 full-time players and four on the inactive list.

This article courtesy of Reggie Benson, Huntsville Times.

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