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New Name, New League, No Nets for Peoria Indoor Football
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November 19, 2004 - PEORIA- Saying that, “change brings stability” the owner of the Peoria Professional Football Team known as the Peoria Pirates announced today that the team will be moving to a new league and have a new name. Pat Ward, owner of the team, announced the formation of United Indoor Football or UIF. The UIF is a cooperative effort of some of the best teams and organizations from other football leagues. The team will be called the Peoria Mutineers, keeping the colors of silver and black and general nautical theme.

“Fans will see a game similar to the game we fell in love with when indoor football first cam to Peoria. From an organizational point of view; this is the best choice we can make to assure that Peoria professional football fans will enjoy this sport here for a long time. It’s a new league, with familiar rules and an exciting game played by exceptional athletes playing at a level fans in Peoria have grown accustomed to seeing over these past 6 years. Head Coach Bruce Cowdrey will once again be at the helm for the 2005 season. He tells me recruiting is underway full bore,” said Pat Ward.

The Peoria Pirates began life six years ago in the Indoor Football League playing in that leagues two-championship games and winning the Gold Cup in that league in 2000. That league was purchased in 2001. The football club then won the af2 Championship in 2002 and played in the arenaCup again in 2004 as the National Conference Champions. af2 was unwilling to relinquish the rights to the name and logo of the Pirates.

The Peoria Mutineers will be joined by Tennessee Valley, also formerly of the af2. Omaha, Lexington, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Sioux City, Tupelo, Wheeling and Dayton from the National Indoor Football League make up the balance of the 12-team league. The league will play a 15 game season starting this March. The goal of the league is to take advantage of regional rivalries, maintain a geographically tight expansion focus and encourage long-term stable ownership by focusing on an economical operating model while providing a high quality of sport entertainment for our fans.

“Most importantly for fans; there will be no nets to block anyone’s view. That means there will be plenty more opportunities for fans to go home with a football souvenir. Folks may want to rethink their season ticket seat locations with that in mind. We’ve held off until now on sending out renewal notices so that folks will have that opportunity to change their seating locations if they wish. Renewals are in the mail now,” said Pat Ward owner of the team.

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