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Q & A with UIF MVP Fred Jackson
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August 12, 2005 - Omaha, NE - The UIF's 2005 MVP Fred Jackson of the Sioux City Bandits sat down with unitedindoorfootball.com prior to the Bandits 42-37 semi-final victory over the Tennessee Valley Raptors in the Tyson Events Center/Gateway Arena Here is what was asked:

UIF: How do you feel about winning the MVP award?
FJ: It's a great compliment and honor. There are a lot athletes in the league and to be distinguished as the MVP is a great honor.

UIF: How do you feel about how the season has gone for Sioux City?
FJ: Week in and week out, we just go out and have fun, it's like a family community.

UIF: What does it mean to have your twin brother, defensive back Patrick, as a teammate?
FJ: Love it, love it a lot. He can give me advice from a defensive point of view and I can help from the offensive view.

UIF: What have you done to improve your play this season?
FJ: In the weight room a lot, push each other, work out at four seasons.

UIF: Where are you from?
FJ: Arlington, TX.

UIF: What was life like for you as a kid?
FJ: Mom was an assistant coach when I started playing in second grade and through grade school. It's a competitive family. Mom was training for the Olympics when she had us.

UIF: How did you end up in the small college of Coe in Cedar Rapids, IA?
FJ: It's a funny story…my middle school coach was former coach at Coe and got us to visit.

UIF: How was your college experience at Coe?
FJ: Excellent, loved every minute of it.

UIF: What did you earn your degree in? What year?
FJ: Sociology, in 2003.

UIF: Where do you want to go from here?
FJ: I would like to be playing in the NFL someday and if not I want to coach.

UIF: What are you doing to improve in order to get to the next level?
FJ: Stay hungry, go in week in and week out.

UIF: Who is your idol?
FJ: Ricky Williams; I like Texas football and he was in school about the same time I was.

UIF: How do you rate your indoor football experience?
FJ: Fun, a lot of friends, definitely recommend it.

UIF: Do you have any hobbies?
FJ: Sports, anything you can do with sports. I play basketball.

UIF: Who or what motivates you?
FJ: Mom drives me a lot.

UIF: How do you prepare for a game?
FJ: Listen to a lot of music, think about what I'm going to do to the help the team, visualize.

UIF: Do you have any superstitions?
FJ: No. None at all.

UIF: What are your goals for the future?

UIF: What do you like most about playing in Sioux City?
FJ: Friendly people, small college atmosphere. You meet a lot of people.

UIF: How do you rate the UIF?
FJ: A lot better than the league we were in last year.

UIF: What has Coach J (Bandits Head Coach Jose Jefferson) brought to the team?
FJ: That family atmosphere, bringing people together. We all hang out outside of football.

UIF: The owners?
FJ: They do a great job of taking care of us. We can always go talk to them if we need anything.

Jackson and the Bandits host the Sioux Falls Storm in the United Indoor Football Championship on Sunday, August 14. Sioux Falls advanced to the title game with a 62-58 victory over the Lexington Horsemen on Saturday night. Kick-off is at 3:05 p.m. CST in the Tyson Event Center/Gateway Arena. For scores, statistics, highlights and more, log-on to unitedindoorfootball.com.

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