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 You are a GM of a UIF team what is important to on-field success?
A good quaterback
Solid running game
Defense wins championships
Coaches with indoor experience
Good Business sense
T.D. Fiddler with two "blue-believers" in Evansville

UIF Suspends Dayton Warbirds
March 24, 2005 - Omaha, NE - The United Indoor Football Association regrets to announce the suspension of the Dayton Warbirds 2005 season. The action was taken by a vote of League directors on Wednesday, March 23, after careful consideration of the circumstances relating to the Dayton Warbirds ownership and operational capabilities. This follows a board decision the previous week to postpone Dayton's first home game. League Executive Director, Dakota Crow, reiterated that the reason for the suspension involves the Team's ownership and operational capabilities.

The Dayton Warbirds have previously proposed an ownership transfer for consideration by the League, which will be subject to the UIF's existing procedures for review and approval. The League has had no involvement in the Team's local handling of ticket sales, sponsorships, and venue arrangements and anticipates that the Team and its owner will properly address the results of canceling this season's games. The League office will soon issue an adjusted schedule for the 2005 UIF season.

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